Denomination: European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Objectives: Identify and build up a pipeline of viable investment projects along the hydrogen value chain with a view to shift away from fossil fuels; create a clean hydrogen market and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Alliance aims at an investment agenda for an ambitious deployment of renewable and, during a transition period, low-carbon hydrogen technologies and solutions until 2030.

Membership: More than 1400 members including Member States, Industrial Actors, NGOs, trade unions, civil society, innovators, research and technology organisations and investor. Six roundtables covers all operations.

Activities :

The alliance is currently preparing a pipeline of investment projects planned by its members to deploy hydrogen technologies. The Commission collected more than 1000 projects from alliance members and is assessing these against a set of criteria. The objective is to present the investment pipeline featuring individual projects within the time scheduled.

Foundation Date : 8 July 2020

Regional Grouping : Europe

Main Projects 

  • Renewable and low carbon hydrogen production electrolyses by 2024 (6 GW) and 2030 (46 GW)
  • Clean hydrogen transmission and distribution
  • Clean hydrogen industrial applications
  • Clean hydrogen for mobility
  • Clean hydrogen in the energy sector
  • Clean hydrogen for residential applications


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