List of some h2 publications edited on line by : IRENA, IEA, EU, HYDROGEN COUNCIL, HYDROGEN EUROPE, DOE

  1. Hydrogen: a Renewable Energy Perspectives – Report 2019
  2. Green Hydrogen Cost Reduction – Scaling up Electrolyses – 2020
  3. Green Hydrogen Supply – A Guide to Policy Making – 2021
  4. Enabling Measures Roadmap for Green Hydrogen – 2021
  5. Hydrogen from Renewable Power – Technology Outlook for the Energy Transition -2018
  6. Renewable Power to Hydrogen – Innovation Landscape Brief-2019
  7. Innovation Outlook Offshore Wind
  8. Reaching Zero with Renewables Capturing Carbon
  9. Critical Materials for the Energy Transition
  10. World Energy Transitions Outlook 1.5° Pathway
  11. Offshore Renewables an Action Agenda for Deployment – A Contribution to the G20 Presidency
  12. Global Hydrogen Review 2021
  13. Net Zero by 2050 – A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector 2021
  14. Energy Technology Perspectives 2020
  15. A hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe
  16. A Clean Planet for all A European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy
  17. Hydrogen Roadmap Europe
  18. Our Vision for A Clean Planet for All: Industrial Transition
  19. The Role of Hydrogen In Meeting Our 2030 Climate And Energy Targets
  20. Delivering the European Green Deal
  21. A Socially Fair Transition
  22. What is the European Green Deal
  23. The European Green Deal
  24. Annex The European Green Deal
  25. Hydrogen Decarbonization Pathways – 2021- Executive Summary Part 1: A Life-Cycle Assessment and  Part 2 : Potential Supply Scenarios
  26. Roadmap Towards Zero Emissions – The complementary Role of BEVs and FCEVs
  27. Hydrogen Meets Digital – New Opportunities For The Energy And Mobility System
  28. H2ero Net Zero – Hydrogen Europe Position Paper on the “Fit for 55 Package”
  29. Hydrogen Europe’s – Position Paper on the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive
  30. Hydrogen Act – Towards the Creation of the European Hydrogen Economy
  31. Hydrogen Strategy – Enabling a Low Carbon Economy