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Associations & Partnerships

Hydrogen Council

Denomination: HYDROGEN COUNCIL Objectives: to mitigate effects of climate change Membership: More than 120 members including: Steering Members Supporting Members…

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Green Hydrogen Catapult

Denomination: GREEN HYDROGEN CATAPULT Objectives: Within 2026: Scale up green hydrogen production capacity 50x Achieve a 50 % cost reduction,…

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Denomination: FCHEA – Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association Objectives: The mission of FCHEA is to advance the commercialization of…

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Hydrogen Europe Industry

Denomination: Hydrogen Europe Industry Objectives: Hydrogen Europe association representing the interest of the hydrogen and fuel cell industry and its…

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Denomination: IPHE – International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy Objectives: International inter-governmental partnership whose objective is…

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Gas for Climate

Denomination: Gas for Climate Objectives: Analyse and create awareness about the role of renewable and low carbon gas in the future…

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European Battery Alliance

Denomination: European Battery Alliance – EBA 2050 Objectives: To develop an innovative competitive and sustainable value chain in Europe. Membership:…

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Global Geothermal Alliance

Denomination: Global Geothermal Alliance Objectives: GGA serves as a platform for dialogue, cooperation and coordinated actions between the geothermal industry…

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Denomination: RHA – Renewable Hydrogen Alliance Objectives: Non profit trade association established to promote and advocate renewable electricity to produced…

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IEA International Energy Agency

Others Hydrogen Associations in Europe Basque Hydrogen Corridor The Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria Dutch Hydrogen Association Energy Hydrogen Alliance French Hydrogen…

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