Objectives: to mitigate effects of climate change

Membership: More than 120 members including:

  • Steering Members
  • Supporting Members
  • Investors

Activities : Promote energy transition – Planify diffusion worldwide – Challenge to overcome for large scale deployment through the following actions:

  • Increase visibility around the hydrogen solutions currently available and the progress that has been made in this regard.
  • Advocate for the important role of hydrogen technologies in helping to meet climate goals, energy security and competitive targets, as well as work toward better deployment conditions.
  • Work with and provide recommendations to a number of key stakeholders, such as policy makers, the business community, international agencies and civil society, to achieve the association goals.
  • Works alongside and aims to complement work done by key regional partners in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas to create strong, global action.

Foundation Date : 2017

Regional Grouping : more than 20 countries – world wide

Main Projects :

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