Denomination: RHA – Renewable Hydrogen Alliance

Objectives: Non profit trade association established to promote and advocate renewable electricity to produced hydrogen and climate neutral derivative fuels.


Membership: more than 75 members: membership includes project developers, electric and gas utility companies, clean energy advocacy organizations, law firms, consultants, transit agencies, and manufacturers of hydrogen electrolyzers, fuel cells, and fuel cell vehicles.

Activities :

RHA engages in policy advocacy and education and outreach to regulators, legislators, the environmental community, and   other stakeholders to advance renewable power to climate   neutral fuels as a critical step to reducing dependence on fossil   fuels across a range of sectors: energy, transportation, industrial   processes and agriculture

Foundation Date:  2019 – Authorization as public Utility District to manufacture   and sell renewable hydrogen

Regional Grouping : Americas

Main Projects :

  • Public utility district authority to produce, distribute and sell renewable hydrogen
  • Renewable hydrogen project eligibility for 100% Clean Energy program compliance
  • Inclusion of hydrogen fueling for generation of fuel credits under Clean Fuels Program
  • Conduct a study on the benefits of a renewable hydrogen industry in the state of region
  • RHA connects associates to other leaders in the renewable hydrogen industry
    • In common cause to develop renewable hydrogen as a new resource, including electric and gas utilities, electrolyzer and hydrogen fuel vehicle manufacturers, fertilizer and other hydrogen-based industrial processors, renewable energy developers and manufacturers, lawyers, clean energy and clean transportation advocacy groups, hydrogen associations and environmental groups.
    • Promote meeting and conferences to diffuse association initiatives
    • Develop training activities and studies to support nascent technologies


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